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John LarriviereUnited Carpet Cleaning Systems has been providing professional high-quality service to homes and businesses in the Dallas | Fort Worth area for the last 32 years. Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction and the opportunity to professionally maintain your carpets, tile and hardwood floors for years to come. Our professionals are IICRC certified technicians with years of experience in all types of cleaning. We clean all floors, fabrics, rugs, awnings, as well as carpet and tile repairs.


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Our team of professional cleaners handle a variety of commercial spaces. We work with large carpeted areas typically found in an office, and can readily handle tile and hardwood floors as well. Each type of surface requires different handling, and our team is expertly trained in all types of flooring so they know the best solution for each product. We can help you restore flooring to its original look and feel, and help to extend the life of the product through regularly scheduled maintenance. Such a plan can save you money in the long run by delaying the substantial expense of replacing large sections of floor covering.

Our office is strategically located in Hurst, to enable us to easily handle jobs all over the Metroplex from Fort Worth to Dallas and north to Denton. Our trained technicians and equipment are distributed throughout this territory. This enables us to reduce costs by having equipment and supplies nearest our work sites, and oversight of our teams from a central location.

Another specialty of United Carpet Cleaning is helping people and businesses with water damage restoration. While our area can go for long stretches without any rain, it seems like when it comes, it comes fast and in large quantities! Our local storm water management continues to improve each year, but sometimes problems happen, and we’re here to help. We have a variety of fans, dryers, vacuums, etc. that we can bring on-site to remove excess water quickly. This is especially important when dealing with wood floors as these will expand and buckle if the water isn’t removed right away. Our phone number is 817.268.6531. Add our number to your phone, and our staff will answer 24/7 to assess the situation, and bring our resources to help in an emergency!

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John is a member of the Mid-Cities Pacesetters Rotary Club.  Just as in his personal life, John guides his business based on Rotary’s Four-Way Test:

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